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Volbella by Juvéderm

Volbella Reno

Volbella is the newest addition to the Juvéderm line of injectable fillers. Volbella is uniquely formulated to add subtle volume to the lips, while also reducing the appearance of vertical lip lines.

If you’ve ever felt dissatisfied with the fullness of your lips, or want to smoothen the appearance of your vertical lip lines, then Volbella by Juvéderm is the non-surgical solution you’ve been waiting for.


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*Astonishing Results

  • Add subtle, natural-looking volume to thin lips
  • Smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines
  • Restore plumpness to aging lips
  • Love your fuller, more beautiful smile!
  • *Results may vary from patient to patient

How it Works

As we age, collagen in the skin deteriorates, and this means decreased elasticity. Skin is less able to retain its natural shape, and this can lead to creasing and wrinkling that becomes inset over time. This is especially a problem for the area around the mouth, where constant muscle movement can wear down skin's smoothness, creating perioral lines, more commonly known as vertical lip lines.

Volbella by Juvéderm is an injectable filler designed specifically for the lips. This injectable gel utilizes Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance found in the body. HA is unique for its ability to retain lots of moisture. By injecting Volbella into the lips, HA is able to attract water to the injected area, creating plumpness and smoothing out vertical lip lines.

What to Expect

Like all Juvéderm injectable fillers, Volbella is a great alternative to surgical lip augmentation. Treatments normally take no more than 30 minutes, and results are immediate. The risk of side-effects are extremely low, with mild to moderate tenderness, swelling, irritation, or bruising reported, lasting on average 14 days or less. Volbella injections last up to a year, and 80% of people treated experienced improved satisfaction with their lips one year later.*

If you're looking to soften the appearance of vertical lip lines, or are simply unhappy with your lips' thinness, call Dr. Glass for a free consultation today. Dr. Glass has over 30 years' experience with injections, and personally performs every Juvéderm injection. Get the subtle volume your lips have been waiting for with Volbella by Juvéderm. (775) 329-3000

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