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Combining both radio frequency and magnetic pulses to create a technology known as (MP)2, Venus Freeze helps you improve cellulite, tighten skin, decrease circumference, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with zero-downtime.

Painless and surgery-free, Venus Freeze is a treatment perfect for those who want improvement without surgery or down-time. Nearly every problem area can be treated using Venus Freeze; face, neck, décolleté, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, you name it!

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  • Decrease wrinkles and tighten skin
  • Reduce cellulite, and improve your overall appearance
  • Results with no pain or recovery time
  • Cleared by the FDA for Facial Wrinkles and Rhytides
  • Licensed by Health Canada as a non-invasive treatment for the reduction of cellulite and the tightening of skin
  • Venus Freeze system has been the subject of numerous clinical trials by trained physicians and researchers.
  • *Results may vary patient to patient

Technologically Advanced Treatment

The (MP)2 technology therapeutically provides energy to the skin, which is converted to heat, stimulating your body’s natural healing responses. It wakes up your skin’s sleeping cells, stimulating them to begin the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres. Alongside the cell reproduction your skin will see an increase in oxygen, blood, and nutrients as well. This technology has been used and trusted for years in the medical community, making it safe and virtually free of side effects for most patients.

Your treatment requires zero preparation and is done using an applicator appropriately sized for the treatment area. A layer of gel is first placed on the skin, and the applicator is simply placed over the problem area, sitting for a few seconds to diffuse the multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses into the skin.

This technology is even FDA cleared for use on facial wrinkles and rhytides and licensed by Health Canada as a cellulite reduction and skin tightening, non-invasive, temporary treatment modality.

Painlessly Real Results

What other non-invasive treatment, that targets fine lines and wrinkles, is referred to as being comparable to a hot-stone massage? Venus Freeze treatments can be done in 30-40 minutes, and is often regarded as a pleasant experience for patients. You can rid yourself of your problem areas with zero downtime. Venus Freeze is the perfect answer for those who have gone through countless exercise and diet plans and haven’t received the final results they’re looking for.

Results can be seen in as little as three treatments though six is recommended for the face, and eight to ten for the rest of the body to achieve optimal results. Because Venus Freeze is painless, and many patients find it to be relaxing, each treatment can be seen as a 30-40 minute massage with visible skin improving results.

If you’d like to request a complementary consultation with Dr. Glass and his staff about how Venus Freeze can give you a more beautiful body, give us a call at 775.204.3508.

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