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Non-Surgical Lift & Tightening Treatment

Looking for facelift-like results but not ready for surgery? Ultherapy may be for you. Not only is it a non-invasive skin lifting treatment, but it’s also the only FDA-cleared procedure of its kind using your body’s own natural healing process alongside trusted medical technology, Ultherapy acts as a “micro-lift” without invasive surgery. This sound based treatment can successfully treat aging skin on the neck, face, above the knees, abdomen, and inner thighs!

Effective for hyperhidrosis, our patients are reporting as much as a 90% decrease in underarm sweat after a single treatment.

Our patients are reporting fantastic results with little or no discomfort during treatment!

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*What Can Ultherapy Do For You?

  • Lift & tighten sagging skin on your abdomen, above the knees, or inner thighs
  • Ultherapy can show dramatic results
  • Perk up sagging jawlines
  • Raise drooping eyebrows
  • Lift a sagging neck
  • *Results may vary from patient to patient

How Ultherapy Stimulates Collagen Production at Different Layers

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy below the skin; no lasers, radio frequencies, or surgery required. The Ultherapy device emits energy, which then creates a natural reaction underneath the skin, causing a structural lifting and tightening of face and neck contours.

The energy deposited below the skin brings deep tissue layers to an ideal temperature, stimulating a healing response. The healing response results in a structural lifting and tightening of face and neck contours. This is the same ultrasound technology that you probably already know about that has been used, and trusted for years.

No Life Interruptions

Since Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure, performed in our office, there’s no need to take time away from your daily life for healing. There’s no downtime following an Ultherapy treatment and the procedure itself is only 60-90 minutes in-office.

Most patients leave the office with mild swelling and erythema. Once you leave Esteem’s office, you can go right back to your daily life without worry.

Most patients will begin to see results in as little as three months, with maximum results occurring around six months. Your results can last as long as two to five years.

A great option for those who aren’t ready for a surgical facelift, Ultherapy will work with your body naturally, without the need for surgical recovery or downtime.

If you’d like to request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Glass and learn how Ultherapy can help you lift and tighten your face and neck contours, improve your appearance and gain a more youthful look, give us a call at 775.204.3508.

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“The people first! It is so nice to do business with friendly people. Dr. Glass made me feel like I was his only patient, he explained everything in detail to me; he is knowledgeable and did not hurry me. It was refreshing. I am also extremely happy with my results.”

Melinda E.