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Two Must-Have Hair Products for the Desert Dweller

September 21st, 2016 by Dr. Michael Glass

Is Nevada’s Climate Taking a Toll on Your Hair?


Dry hair is a common issue for men and women alike, often leading to an itchy scalp and a lack of confidence. Healthy locks are the product of moisture generated from oils found in hair roots, and when there’s not enough, the result is dry, brittle-looking hair. Chemical treatments such as relaxers and dyes, overwashing and overheating, and exposure to the elements, especially dry climates, can all take a toll on your hair, leaving it dull and frail. Finding the right hair care products to keep your hair healthy and radiant is key, especially in the desert.

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Dry Hair Remedies at Esteem

Argan oil has taken the hair care world by force with its proven moisturizing and restorative benefits. At Esteem, we offer a number of products with argan oil that help repair dry, damaged hair.

Moroccanoil Signature and Light Oil Treatments: Moroccanoil treatments infuse the rare kernels of argan tree fruit into a smoothing, moisturizing hair care product. Moroccanoil Signature Treatment is made for thicker hair, while the Light treatment is formulated to condition fine and thin hair without leaving behind much weight. Applied by hand for the ultimate leave-in conditioning, both treatments enhance the overall moisture of the hair over time, and can be used as a finishing product to tame frizz and fly-aways, either before or after blow-drying.

Moroccanoil Promotion

Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner: Similar to the conditioning benefits of the treatments, Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioners provide a moisture boost to dry and damaged hair. With a combination of argan tree fruit oil and argan butter, Moroccanoil shampoos and conditioners work to hydrate hair for up to 72 hours. Using these products in addition to Moroccanoil treatments leads to more manageable hair that is silky and smooth while promoting new healthy hair growth.

In addition to the Moroccanoil treatments, shampoos and conditioners, we offer a variety of other hair care products to assist in reducing the look and feel of dry hair, including solutions from Loma, GK Hair Professional and ColorProof. Ultimately, maintaining your luscious locks takes the right products and care at home, such as utilizing an ion blow dryer.

Deserts and dry basins can make for harsh living conditions, especially for your hair, but by knowing what products are out there, you can put that lustre and strength back into your roots.