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Improve Your Look With Laser Treatments

July 12th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Glass
women in bikini enjoy on the beach by take legs up to sky

Meet Your New Summertime BFF: Laser Treatments   When the summer rolls around and you hit the beach, it’s easy to notice every mark, blemish, and stray hair on your skin. While you can manage skincare with various creams and other products, the upkeep can get tiring! The good news is, Esteem has the answer. […]

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The Mother’s Day Skincare Solution

May 3rd, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
Mother's Day Picture

Get Your Mom the Ultimate Take-Home Spa   Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about the perfect gift. Flowers, cards, and breakfast-in-bed are all classics, but one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day is the spa treatment. One day a year your mother gets […]

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What’s the Deal with the Chemical Peel?

January 21st, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass

Are Chemical Peels Really As Bad as They Sound?   If you’ve never had one, you might wonder why on earth anyone would get a chemical peel. Even the name sounds painful. But the truth is, chemical peels are a great way to rejuvenate your skin. If you’ve ever dealt with acne scars, crow’s feet, […]

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