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Relax Those Wrinkles

August 30th, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
middle-aged woman applying anti-aging cream

A Guide to Treatable Wrinkles   Have you ever wondered what to do about those worry lines, or those scrunched up crow’s feet? What about those tougher-looking lines around the mouth, or those creases around the nose? What are they called? And more importantly, how do you treat them? Are all wrinkles treated equally? If […]

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The Sculpted Man Isn’t Made of Stone Anymore

April 19th, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
fit man standing next to a bike

More and More Men are Visiting Med Spas to Get the Perfect Body   The only way you get to look as smooth as Michelangelo’s David is if you’re made of marble. Lots of men, however, aspire to this ideal of perfection. We want to look like the action star or the superhero. The truth […]

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Safeguarding Your Skin Like a Scientist

March 22nd, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
woman getting a fruit facial treatment

The Growing Importance of Dermacosmetics   Beauty is no longer about just putting on lipstick and wearing fancy clothes. Our idea of beauty has become intertwined with our ideas about healthy bodies and minds. Beauty means eating the right things, exercising regularly, and generally being more conscious about our environment and health choices. Thanks to […]

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Make Sure Your Sunscreen Has UV and… Infrared Protection?

March 15th, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
woman applying sunscreen to her leg

Why Infrared Light Might Be the Next Challenge for Skin Care   We all know it’s important to lather up before spending a day in the sun. Sunscreen protects us against the sun’s harmful UV rays. But what about other types of light? UV light from the sun accounts for only 7% of the sun’s […]

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Your Valentine’s Day Skin Solution

February 2nd, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass
couple getting facial skin treatments together

Finding the Right Treatment on the Skincare Spectrum   Our fingerprint isn’t the only distinctive part of our skin. Each of us has unique skin requirements that demand a variety of skincare treatments. These treatments fall onto what we like to call the “Skintinuum.” This is the spectrum of skincare treatments designed to treat skin […]

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