Silk Peel: More Than Microdermabrasion

March 24th, 2015 by Dr. Michael Glass

More Than Microdermabrasion

Most of us perceive and recognize outward beauty by first looking at the face – the absence of spots, scars, wrinkles and other damage caused by aging, sun exposure or acne on the face equates to beauty for most individuals.

A number of procedures such as microdermabrasion have become a popular choice among men and women seeking to correct the skin damage on the face. In addition to microdermabrasion, procedures such as a Silk peel Dermalinfusion are being used to achieve a look that is more in line with their perception of beauty and decrease visible skin damage.

Consistent Color

Silk peel has become a more common choice among individuals wanting to correct facial skin damage, and as such is referred to as the modern wave of microdermabrasion. The procedures have similar components, but the clear distinctions between the two have made Silk peel Dermalinfusion a better option for most patients. Microdermabrasion and Silk peel procedures remove the upper layer of the skin in order to reduce the visibility of damage spots from acne or sun damage as well as other discolorations.

However, microdermabrasion is a harsh technique in which the administrator blasts skin particles away or drags the abrasive tip of the wand across the face. Silk peel, on the other hand, uses a vacuum technique to pull the upper layer of skin away from the face. This creates a more pleasant experience, and results in a more consistent outcome.

Cell Regeneration

Silk peel Dermalinfusion goes far beyond a microdermabrasion procedure as well. Instead of simply scraping away the damaged layer of skin, Silk peel encourages cell regeneration in layers of the skin through the process of working a topical solution deeper into the face. Silk peel is designed to open up the pores that allow access to layers of skin that are unreachable in microdermabrasion, making cell regeneration a possibility. Because of its advanced vacuum technology and deeper impact in the skin, Silk Peel Dermalinfusion is being used more often to treat a wider range of skin damage. Patients have seen lasting results when using this procedure to minimize the visibility of acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sun or age spots.

Who’s the Ideal Candidate?Silk peel.

The best candidate for Silk peel treatment is someone who is seeking respite from fine line or wrinkles on the face, oily or blemished skin, uneven skin tone or dull, dry or flaky appearance of the face. For most patients, Silk peel Dermalinfusion treatment can be done in a short period of time and require little down time for recovery. It is a smart alternative to traditional microdermabrasion techniques with better, longer-lasting results.

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