Should Women Groom Their Armpit Hair?

July 27th, 2015 by Dr. Michael Glass

To Groom or Not to Groom?


Removing hair from the legs, arms, and armpits have all been recognized collectively as part of the standard of beauty for women for decades. Having smooth, hairless skin is considered ideal by some women and more attractive by some men, and has been fueled, in part, by the growing razor industry.

While shaving and other women hair removal methods are the norms for the majority, a movement has begun in recent years focused on keeping female armpit hair unshaven.

Thanks to a number of high profile female celebrities and the power of social media platforms, woman armpit hair has been a trending topic meant to spark discussions about feminism and a direct challenge to standard norms of beauty.

An Empowerment Movement

While women hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and laser treatments are common among the female demographic, there has been lots of public discussion on letting women’s armpit hair grow out.

Foregoing the assumed responsibility of shaving, waxing or armpit laser hair removal is meant to send a strong message to other women and young girls that their bodies are their own, to do with what they please. That includes the somewhat daunting task of taking a razor to armpit hair every few days, simply to maintain a standard of beauty they did not develop for themselves.

The trending topic of female hair removal and the strong stance against it has been an empowering movement for modern day women, but some have decided to keep up their hair removal methods intact for a variety of reasons.


Is Armpit Hair Unhealthy?

Individuals who choose not to employ women hair removal practices are not at risk for any serious health concerns. Woman armpit hair is natural, as it is in men, but women hair removal is the preference for some because it has known positive effects.

  • During hot summer months, woman armpit hair removal can be beneficial in reducing the amount of sweat under the arms.women enjoying the sun with shaved armpit hair
  • When the body needs to cool down, sweat is produced, and in an area that is normally kept close to other parts of the body, additional sweat is common.
  • The armpit is naturally a place where sweat is often accumulated, thus female armpit hair removal is helpful in reducing excess sweat.
  • In addition to a reduction of sweat, shaving, waxing or armpit hair laser removal all take away hair that has the ability to produce bacteria, which may result in a foul odor.
  • Without the propensity for excess moisture to accumulate, the bacteria cannot grow and body odor from the armpit is less of a challenge to overcome.

Armpit Laser Hair Removal

While shaving is the most common method for armpit hair removal, laser treatments can leave women feeling clean and fresh under the arms without having to commit to a daily or weekly routine.

Armpit laser hair removal is a simple process that uses light beams to target hair follicles, providing for smooth, hairless skin over time.

Armpit hair removal by laser treatment does not typically require any down time, and the procedure yields minimal pain.

If you want to take control over your armpit hair growth in a safe, effective manner that does not involve shaving or waxing, armpit laser hair removal may be a great choice for you.

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