Send Your Dark Under Eye Bags Packing

May 2nd, 2019 by Dr. Michael Glass

Filler Injections Can Improve the Appearance of the Under Eye Area in Minutes!


Do you have dark under eyes bags? Unfortunately, they are a common occurrence as we start to get older. The good news is —common or not—this is an area that Dr. Glass can beautify in just one quick appointment!

So, read on to learn about various under eye concerns, and how they are treated at Esteem Medical Spa.

The Cause of Under Eye Problems

When we talk about the under eye area, three concerns typically come to mind: dark circles, bags, and a hollow, sunken appearance. Each of these issues has a different cause:

  • Dark Circles Dark circles are mainly caused by genetics and skin tone. Because under eye skin is thin, you can often see blood veins beneath the skin’s surface. Worse, a lack of sleep causes blood to pool beneath the eyes, making dark circles look more pronounced.
  • Under Eye Bags As we age, the tissues around our eyes weaken, causing fat to move into the lower eyelids. Fluid can also accumulate in this space, contributing to a “puffy” appearance.
  • Hollow, Sunken Look With age, people tend to lose collagen. This is usually most noticeable in the skin under the eye area, which is thinner to begin with.

Sometimes, you can improve the look of your under eye area by taking better care of yourself, for instance, by getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and drinking more water.

However, this will only do so much – and  if you’re looking for more immediate and dramatic results,

we recommend filler injections

How Filler Injections Improve the Under Eye Area

Fillers are a great way to improve the appearance of the under eye area. A filler like Juvéderm, for instance, is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in the body. When injected beneath the skin, it plumps up the under eye area, resulting in a natural and smooth appearance. Tired-Eyes-Dark-Eyes-Before-After

Because a loss of fat volume is one of the primary causes of dark circles and sunken eyes, tear trough injections can add more volume to the under eye area, giving patients the younger-looking eyes they’ve been dreaming of!

Fillers can also help under eye bags. For instance, Dr. Glass can minimize or eliminate their appearance completely by injecting fillers in the tear trough region.

As you can see, fillers are a safe, easy, and quick way to send your under eye bags packing! To find out more, schedule your free filler consultation today.

How Can I Schedule a Filler Consultation at Esteem Medical Spa?

To schedule a complimentary filler consultation at Esteem Medical Spa, call us at 775.204.3508. We’re conveniently located in Reno at 6522 S. McCarran Boulevard.