The Sculpted Man Isn’t Made of Stone Anymore

April 19th, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass

More and More Men are Visiting Med Spas to Get the Perfect Body


The only way you get to look as smooth as Michelangelo’s David is if you’re made of marble. Lots of men, however, aspire to this ideal of perfection. We want to look like the action star or the superhero. The truth is, a lot of work went into making Superman look like Superman. Dieting and exercise are the foundations of a fit body, but reaching the “perfect” body requires an attention to detail that only cosmetic treatments can offer.

More and more men are finding this out, and they’re turning to medical spas to smooth out their wrinkles and blemishes, accentuate their power features, and sculpt their bodies.

We’ve already mentioned that med spas aren’t just for women any more, and now we’re going to look at how, exactly, you can go from looking “in shape” to looking “shaped” out of stone.

Skin Tone and Texture

Nowadays, keeping skin smooth and youthful requires more than the occasional moisturizer. Pollutants, blemishes, scars, sun and wind damage are just some of the daily threats that skin faces, not to mention the wrinkles and sagging that occur due to aging.

To maintain a healthy glow, many men turn to chemical peels to remove impurities and encourage cell regeneration. Microdermabrasion techniques like Silk Peel are also becoming increasingly popular among men.

This treatment exfoliates and extracts dead cells and impurities from pores while infusing the skin with a volumizing serum. The result is a photoshopped version of your face: smooth, vibrant, and tea scrub closeup

And for deeper set flaws, many men are turning to light and laser treatments. IPL Photofacials use high-energy pulses of light to treat deep set wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Likewise, Venus Viva uses the targeted heat of radio frequencies to reach beyond traditional peels and exfoliants. Laser and heat resurfacing techniques have the ability to reach deeper into skin to rediscover and revitalize your face. Technology has advanced to the point where treatments are safer, more effective, and take less time than a lunch break. The convenience factor has drawn more and more men to the medical spa. The next time you notice an actor’s “glow,” don’t forget that they had some help.


Dermal fillers are responsible for adding volume to the face and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines that accumulate over a lifetime. This is especially useful for men whose activities and hobbies tend to wear out their bodies faster than women. Extreme activities and sports can take their toll on the integrity and firmness of skin, leading to less elasticity over time, which means deeper, earlier lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are quick solutions to these problems.

They reach deep into the skin and supply much needed moisture in the form of hyaluronic acid, which restores volume and encourages collagen production. young man having botox

Botox and Dysport are also extremely popular among men.

These cosmetic injectables relax targeted muscles around the mouth, eyes, and brow that cause wrinkles. Men choose these treatments more than any other non-invasive procedure because they’re fast, effective, and require virtually no downtime. This is important, since men are new to the cosmetic market and are extremely gun-shy about “having work done.” This is changing, however, and the evidence is in the depiction of men in advertising and popular culture. Their lines are less noticeable despite their age. This is due primarily to injectables and fillers, which are safer and more effective than ever.

Body Contouring

As we mentioned before, many men who exercise regularly often don’t get the results they’re looking for. They want perfectly chiseled abs, but instead their six-pack is two or four cans short. This is the result of “fluffy fat” that hangs out around the stomach and waistline. This kind of fat is the result of a combination of dieting and genetics, and it can disguise all the work you’ve done at the gym. young man pinching the fat on his stomach

Body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting are the perfect solution for this situation. They’re non-invasive and discreet, meaning there’s no downtime and very little chance that anyone will guess how you flattened your stomach into the shape of a washboard. They’ll just assume it was all your planking reps.

This subcutaneous fat also frequently affects men’s necks, what we call the submental area, leading to the dreaded double-chin. It’s very difficult to lose this kind of fat through regular exercise and dieting alone. This is why the models and action stars of the world turn to fat loss treatments like Kybella and the CoolSculpting CoolMini applicator. This specialized instrument allows the fat-freezing of CoolSculpting the ability to target smaller areas where fat bulges occur, like under the chin and around the pecs. Reducing fat in those smaller areas is the difference between having a fit body and having a sculpted one.

Men today are under the same scrutiny as women to look great, and they’re taking advantage of the same tools that were once exclusively for women.

Men are getting peels, facials, injectables, and undergoing fat reduction procedures to achieve an ideal that was once exclusively reserved for sculptures made of granite. Now that you know what the tools are, the next time you see a workout guru or starring Adonis, you’ll know how he got to be that sculpted. It probably wasn’t just his workout routine.