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Saved By the Skin of Your Neck

July 26th, 2017 by Dr. Michael Glass

How to Lift and Love Your Neckline


As we age, our skin loses its firmness. Elastin and collagen in the skin break down, and over time, skin starts to hang in places like the cheeks, neck, and jawline. This is due to natural processes, but also external factors like excessive sun or wind damage, and poor habits like smoking, drinking, or not getting enough sleep.

There are several ways to combat sagging skin, and today we’re looking at skin around the neck.

Neck skin is especially prone to sagging due to its thin, delicate texture. Skin around the neck is also typically less oily than other areas of skin, and this can contribute to its dry, weathered appearance. Not to mention the fact that skin around the neck literally hangs under the chin, making it more susceptible to the forces of gravity. All of these factors make neck skin vulnerable to sagging, and if we’re not taking care of our necks, we can end up with loose, crepey skin.

Prevention is Protection

moisturizer in a jar with blossomThe best way to combat crepey skin on the neck is by addressing the problem before it gets worse. Daily skincare routines like exfoliation, rinsing, and moisturizing are the best everyday weapons against sagging skin. Products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) are great for sending much needed moisture to areas beneath the skin.

Moisturizers with peptides will encourage collagen production, which increases the longevity of our skin matrix.

Trade Secrets of Skincare

Aside from regular moisturizers and creams, there are also products designed specifically to treat sensitive skin around the neck. Nectifirm by Revision Skincare, for example, is a neck cream whose key ingredients help soften the appearance of rough, crepey skin, while also firming and lifting skin under the chin. Plant extracts like bamboo and English pea soften fine lines and wrinkles, while various peptides help strengthen skin. Nectifirm also has plenty of Vitamin C & E, as well as algae extracts, to improve skin tone and fight against the free radicals that destroy collagen.

Wave Goodbye to Sagging Skin

The last and best weapon against a sagging neck is a combination of 3 CO2 Laser Treatments and 3 Venus Viva Treatments. By alternating techniques of resurfacing and deep dermal stimulation, skin is simultaneously cleaned and firmed up, resulting in smaller, smoother pores, and tighter skin that lifts up those sagging areas.

carbon dioxide 2 treatment

With CO2 laser treatments, areas of the skin are targeted with precise laser technology that uses vaporization rather than abrasion to remove discoloration and uneven texture. By treating deep set wrinkles and other skin impurities, sagging is reduced, essentially resetting loose pockets.

Next, Venus Viva repairs sagging skin through the use of NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This process creates uniform heat over large areas of the deep dermis. An applicator is used to create tiny micro-dermal wounds that activate the regeneration of elastin and collagen. The skin’s natural healing process takes over and leaves the treated areas smoother and brighter than before.

The combination of these treatments, alternating several weeks apart, is a nice alternative to surgery for sagging, crepey necks.

Skin is smoothed out and tightened, and over time, returns to a more normal, youthful appearance.

Winning with Your Skin

Sagging skin is inevitable. While there may not be a cure for aging, there are plenty of steps you can take to protect your skin in the meantime. Moisturizing daily, and using specialized products such as Nectifirm, are great ways to improve your skin’s texture and tone.

And if you’re looking for that extra lift, give us a call or come in for a free consultation for CO2 laser and Venus Viva treatments.

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