Is Preventative Botox For You?

March 11th, 2015 by Dr. Michael Glass

“Rejoice in your new found youth”


For as long as Botox has been available on the market as a solution meant to reduce the signs of aging, people have questioned if there is a magic age at which Botox injections should be started.

Traditionally, most patients begin Botox in their 40s or 50s as this is the time when the aging process that creates wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead is of great concern. However, the discussion of preventative Botox has become more prevalent among younger women in their 20s and 30s.

Preventative Botox provides the same benefits as Botox injections in that wrinkles and age lines are visibly reduced, but instead of waiting until those pesky aging signs are bothersome, patients are trying to prevent them altogether.

Don’t Fret the Furrowed Brow

Wrinkles from these common and constant facial expressions can wreak havoc on one’s face and often make an individual look much older than he or she may actually be. In order to address these common wrinkles and lines, and the look of aged, tired skin, Botox is injected just under the skin to reduce facial lines. Botox injections can positively address the signs of aging a short 15 – 20 minute session with a medical professional for individuals who:juvederm

  • Furrow their brow often
  • Squint a lot
  • Frown on a regular basis

For those who are concerned about the occurrence of wrinkles and lines in the future, preventative Botox can be used to stop the look of aging long before it becomes a concern. Instead of waiting until your late 40s or 50s to use Botox, the option to maintain and preserve beauty is available, preventative Botox is becoming more common in younger patients.

Is Preventative Botox Right For You?

If you are considering when to get Botox or if preventative Botox is right for you, it is important to ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Do I make facial expressions consistently that will result in lines or wrinkles in the future?
  • Am I willing to make a commitment to Botox injections?
  • Is an aged appearance something I’m often worried about?

If the answer is yes, preventative Botox may be a great option for you to stop the look of aging skin before it becomes an annoyance.

Preventative Botox injections in Reno, Nevada.

Botox treatment wears off after about three months and so must be repeated regularly to achieve the desired look. Starting Botox injections earlier in life will mean you will need to commit to the process for a longer period of time. Finally, speaking with a medical professional with ample experience in Botox injections and preventative Botox treatment can help you determine whether Botox is the best option for you.

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