Photo Perfect Results with Esteem

March 14th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Glass

Put your best selfie forward with Esteem


A picture is worth a thousand words. But when you don’t feel your best, there is nothing worse than a photo. In today’s social media selfie-nation, it’s hard to avoid constant photos. If you’re interested in feeling a bit more photo-confident, Esteem wants to help.

No matter what your problem area, we have a solution to keep you saying cheese and putting your best selfie forward.

Erase Your Double Chin

When you start to notice a double chin, you may feel like it’s too late to do anything. However, you’re in luck! Esteem uses the only non-surgical device approved by the FDA to tackle the treatment of your double chin. The CoolMini applicator from CoolSculpting will help to reduce the appearance of fat under your chin and in other problem portrait. beautiful woman touching her neck.

The CoolMini works just like CoolSculpting works for the stomach area, but is designed to target smaller areas and reduce fat in just one or two treatments.

The CoolMini:

  • Uses fat freezing technology to initiate fat cell death.
  • Focuses on specific areas.
  • Specially designed for under the chin and other small bulges.
  • Helps your body remove dead fat cells, lifting chin.

Eliminate the Bulge

If you have more than one area that you’d like to target other than your double chin, CoolSculpting is your choice. CoolSculpting  is a non-invasive procedure which uses Cryolipolysis to target and get rid of your fat cells.

You’re not alone if there are areas of your body that you want to remove fat from, and CoolSculpting will help you do just that in a safe yet effective way. CoolSculpting works by:

  • Targeting the exact areas you want to improve.
  • Reaching fat cells under your skin.
  • Cooling fat cells leading to cell death.
  • Prompting your immune system to remove the dead cell debris in the following weeks.

Freezing your fat away may sound like something out of a futuristic movie, but the truth is the procedure is natural, requires no surgery, and leaves you without scarring.

Call today for a complimentary consultation: (775) 329-3000, and take advantage of our current special 25% off CoolSculpting!

Get the Perfect Pout

A pillowy set of lips is one of the most important aspects of being ready for the perfect photo. As time passes, our lips naturally start to lose volume and droop. Esteem offers safe lip injections for anyone who has started to lose volume, or for those with naturally thin lips looking for a voluptuous boost. Juvederm Lip Injections provide: trace kiss isolated on white background

  • Smooth, plump lips using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar.
  • Added volume to the look and feel of lips.
  • A decrease in lip lines.
  • Six months to one year of fullness.

Smooth out your skin

Whether you’ve already had Botox or are looking to try the procedure for the first time, Esteem and Dr. Glass invite you to take advantage of the anti-aging treatment Botox. Botox is a treatment that can help women and men alike feel more comfortable in their skin by providing a youthful and bright look.

The Botox treatment is quite short, taking just 15 minutes, and you will see results within two weeks. After your Botox procedure, your results will last for up to 3 to 4 months.

Botox helps to:

  • Fight signs of aging.
  • Naturally contour the face.
  • Give skin a smooth and rested look.
  • Lessen the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Soften the areas around and between the eyes and the forehead.

To take the stress out of your day to day routine and be photo-ready at any given moment, visit Esteem for your free consultation, and indulge in one or more of our cosmetic procedures! 775.204.3508