New Year, New You

January 8th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Glass

For Those Looking to Change Things Up in 2018


Is it really 2018 already? It’s a new year, and that means new resolutions.

Hopefully you’re one of the 8% of people who actually keep their resolutions.

There are quite a few reasons why we never seem to keep our goals longer than a few weeks (and let’s face it, the concept itself isn’t the best way to make important life changes) but one of the big reasons is that we’re always trying to take something away from our lifestyles. We try to quit smoking, or stop drinking too much coffee, or lose weight. Rarely do we ever make our resolutions seem like a positive change in our lives, instead of a punishment. This makes it difficult to stay with our new lifestyles past January.

The New Year should be a time for looking ahead, for deciding who we want to be. Sometimes that means cutting back on our vices, but it can also mean doing something positive and empowering for ourselves.

So who do you want to be in 2018?

If you’re looking to improve yourself, and achieve the happy, healthy lifestyle you’ve always envisioned, then Esteem is here to help with that. Here are just a few of the ways you can change your appearance for the better in 2018, and start the New Year with confidence.

Tight Tummy

CoolSculpting-Promotion-ImageLosing weight is one of the hardest goals people set for themselves. It’s no wonder why 80% of people who lose weight will regain it within a year. Losing weight means changing many different aspects of our lives: diet, exercise, TV and Internet habits. That’s why, for those looking to lose that weight and keep it off, CoolSculpting is the perfect New Year’s gift to yourself.

CoolSculpting is the non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses the science of Cryolipolysis to initiate the destruction of fat cells by freezing.

Once the destruction process is complete, the cells are eliminated from the body naturally, and are “GONE FOR GOOD”.

Whether you’re looking to tighten your stomach, thighs, underarms, or chin, CoolSculpting can jumpstart your lifestyle change. Whether you’re changing your diet and exercise routine for 2018, or you’re just not getting the results you want with your current lifestyle, CoolSculpting could be the motivation you need to follow through with that resolution.

Luscious Lips

Making a positive resolution means doing something that makes you feel good about yourself. Lip fillers are a great treatment for those looking for immediate results in their appearance.

Injectables like Juvéderm and Restylane Silk give volume and lift to lips, making them appear fuller and more luscious.

With zero downtime after treatment, lip filler enhancements are great for that quick boost of confidence you need to start the new year off right.

Silky Skin

portrait of beautiful woman with clean, fresh, skin after a silk peel.Winter can be rough on skin, especially in this high and dry mountain climate. If you’re worried about looking one year older in 2018, then consider freshening up your face with a soothing peel or exfoliation treatment. Silk Peels gently lift and scrub away skin impurities, and improve tone and texture with a topical serum that reaches deep beneath the surface of the skin. Or try Venus Viva, a fractional radio frequency treatment that restores skin’s vibrancy and youthfulness.

This is Your Year

Confidence is key to accomplishing your goals, and sometimes that means looking your best in order to feel your best.

Instead of punishing yourself in 2018, start the New Year off right with a new, empowering look.

At Esteem, we’re all about helping you look and feel your best. Your complimentary consultation awaits you. Call 775.204.3508 today, and make 2018 your best year yet.