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Beyond the Needle: How Skill and Experience Lead to Results

November 4th, 2016 by Dr. Michael Glass

Do You Know How Much Experience Your Dr. Has?


Many tout injections like the facial filler Juvederm, or neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport, as miracle cures for aging. And they certainly seem that way. Fillers and neurotoxins work to smooth out the inevitable lines and wrinkles associated with aging, whether due to lost facial fat, collagen and elastin, repetitive facial movements, or excessive sun exposure. If the fix is as simple as a quick injection, who wouldn’t jump on the opportunity?

Although it’s true that most patients see results quickly, sans the bruising, downtime, or excessive pain of other cosmetic treatments, not everyone experiences the same results in the same amount of time. Before running to Botox, Dysport, or fillers as the magic fix for your facial woes, it’s important to understand that it goes beyond just a prick of the needle. The skill of your injector is a critical factor in achieving the results you want.

One Size Fits All Doesn’t Apply

Injections for facial rejuvenation cannot be applied in the same way, in the same location, or in the same dosage for every individual patient.

As Esteem’s own Dr. Glass explains: “Anatomically, muscles are not always the same size or located exactly in the same place. These variations can be problematic and, if not recognized, lead to poor results.”

Without a skilled injector behind the needle, you stand to get lackluster results that don’t lead to the face you truly want.

Dr. Glass also explains the importance of understanding the art of dosage, stating, “There is a dose-response relationship that exists when injecting neurotoxins. As you increase the dose, in this case, the number of units injected, you will increase the duration of action, but only up to a point.” An injector with ample experience knows how to deliver natural-looking results in tricky areas, without overdoing the dosage.

Steer Clear of Bargain Pricing

The widespread popularity of injections has significantly increased the number of med spas, doctor’s offices, dentists, nurse practitioners and other providers offering the treatment. This has led to a rise in the number of discount deals for Botox, Dysport, and facial fillers. But before you rush to make an appointment for an injection blue light special, think twice.

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Bargain pricing increases demand, which creates a slew of issues. It may mean your inexpensive injections are completed by a doctor, dentist, or nurse with little experience injecting, no reviewable online history, who are trying to learn to inject on your dime. Similarly, low-cost injections may mean you bypass seeing the doctor altogether and are instead treated by a clinician or technician employee. In some cases, doses are diluted to keep up with demand, meaning your injection won’t lead to lasting outcomes.

The age-old adage that you get what you pay for rings true in these situations. Know that skilled injectors don’t come with a bargain price tag, and if you want results you can be proud of, you have to consider more than the cost alone.

Do Your Research

The increased number of providers offering injections means you’ll need to take the time to do some research before scheduling your consultation. Dr. Glass suggests checking out a provider’s Yelp, Google Plus, or Facebook page to find patient reviews. These reviews should speak directly to multiple patient experiences of being injected with Botox and facial fillers at that practice and who injected them.

Dr. Glass explains, “Just because a particular individual is a good surgeon… or dermatologist, and has reviews which support those activities, doesn’t mean that they, or their employees, are good injectors.”

Dr. Glass

It’s important to know how other patients feel about their experience with being injected by your potential doctor or nurse if you want solid results.

The initial consultation and ongoing relationship with your provider are also part of having a great experience with injections. At the first consultation, you should ask a few questions, including:

  • Do I need them?
  • Is there anything about my physical condition that would preclude me from getting injections?
  • How much do I need?
  • What should I expect after treatment?

Each of these questions lays the groundwork for a thorough discussion with your provider. A skilled injector will talk you through each of these important facets of treatment, and will explain the ideal dosage for your specific needs. Because neurotoxins and facial fillers require follow-up treatments to maintain results, an expert injector maintains records of past injection doses, and will monitor how your muscles and skin react over time. Each of these factors plays a major role in how well you fare with injections.

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If you want the best results possible, get to know your doctor and his past experience with injections first, and follow up with an open and honest discussion about what you’re looking for in your treatment. Understand that cost alone shouldn’t dictate who you select as your doctor, but skill, knowledge of the treatment options, and past successes should drive your decision.

At Esteem, each of our patients is treated by Dr. Glass himself, and he takes time with each individual to understand their specific needs and desires for facial rejuvenation. To learn more about the injections offered by Dr. Glass, contact us today.