Get Touched Up for Summer

June 27th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Glass

Get Touched-up to be Summer Perfect


Summer is here, which means it’s time to let your hair down, put on your bathing suit, and enjoy the warm sun on your body. Summertime brings with it opportunities to spend time with friends and family, take a break from work, and relax. It’s also a time when there are many fun gatherings and parties to attend. The bikini body may be the typical focus of summer, but your face can steal the show with its sunkissed glow. There’s no reason to choose between your best body or face when Esteem can help you achieve both!

Do yourself a favor and consider treating yourself to some of Esteem’s most popular procedures.

They will send you off to your vacation feeling rejuvenated and ready to soak up the sun!

Here are a few treatments to kick off the summer:


If your bikini body is your main focus and a work in progress, give it a boost at Esteem using the CoolSculpting treatment. This non-invasive fat removal treatment uses the science of Cryolipolysis to target and remove your unwanted fat cells. In other words, the Esteem team will help you freeze off your fat!

CoolSculpting can help you in the fight against trouble spots like the inner thighs, flanks, and belly. It can also be used on areas like the double chin. This treatment will put you on track to achieve your ideal bikini body!


If you’re looking for an instant boost and facelift before you jet off to your summer destination, consider Juvederm Reno. This is a facial filler injection treatment which will bring the volume back to your face immediately. Juvederm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid to replace the natural building blocks that become depleted with age. This filler adds volume and attracts water to the place of injection for an extra plump and youthful look!

Juvederm can be used to brighten and lift your whole face.

You will be on your way with instant results that give you a soft and natural look!

Juvederm Voluma

To target specific parts of your face, go with Juvederm Voluma. This treatment is ideal for your cheeks and mid-face. The super fast treatment will leave you looking revitalized right away and results can last for up to two years! Juvederm Voluma is an extremely safe and reversible procedure to help start your summer off right!

Whether you choose to get summer touch up treatments or not, it’s important to keep a few things in mind for your time under the hot sun.eltamd sunscreen

To kickstart your summer with a few simple touch ups,

visit Esteem Medical Spa and let Dr. Glass and the Esteem team reinvigorate your summer look! Call 775.204.3508, today!