Enhance Your Beauty During Our Big Botox Blowout!

June 5th, 2019 by Dr. Michael Glass

If You’ve Got Botox on the Brain, June Is the Perfect Time to Try It


Are you on the fence about getting Botox? If so, we suggest you hop down and give it a try this June. Not only will you love the more youthful appearance Botox will give you, but you’re also going to appreciate all the money you’ll save by taking advantage of our special promotion!

You’ll Jump for Joy Over Our June Botox Promo

Well, maybe you won’t literally jump for joy, but we definitely think the incredible deal we’re offering will put a smile on your face! For the month of June only, you can get 50 units of Botox for just $495 from Esteem. If you want, you can even buy one additional 50-unit vial, with a whole year to use them.

You won’t have to take the vials with you because we’ll store them for you.

Now, for the uninitiated, you may be wondering how many units of Botox you actually need. For most people, 50 units of Botox is often enough to achieve their desired results. glass botox vial

For instance, many people choose to get Botox for horizontal lines on their forehead, their crow’s feet, and the 11’s, which are those lines that start to form between the eyebrows as we age. Treating all three of these areas can take 30-90 units of Botox, depending on the condition of your skin and your observable muscular strength. Most people will fall somewhere in the middle.

Don’t have any wrinkles? Botox may still be able to help you!

4 Surprising Ways Botox Is Used

In addition to giving people a more youthful appearance, Botox can also do the following:

Extend the Length of a Blowout – Injections along the hairline can be used to prevent sweating, keeping your hairstyle fresher, longer!

  • Prevent Excessive Sweating – With Botox, we can eliminate excessive underarm sweat and sweaty palms.
  • Curb Oil Production – Although Botox typically isn’t the first line of defense for acne sufferers, it’s sometimes injected into the forehead in minute amounts, to prevent forehead acne.
  • Stop Migraines – Patients who suffer frequent migraines can prevent them with Botox.

As you can see, Botox is an extremely versatile injectable!

So, contact us today to schedule your complimentary Botox consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Glass will create a treatment plan for you, letting you know how many units of Botox you’ll need to achieve your goals.Botox injections in Reno, Nevada.

How Can I Schedule My Botox Consultation at Esteem Medical Spa?

To schedule a complimentary consultation at Esteem Medical Spa, call us at 775.204.3508. We’re conveniently located in Reno at 6522 S. McCarran Boulevard.