Clever Saving Tips for Your Next Botox Visit

June 19th, 2015 by Dr. Michael Glass

Saving Tips for Your Next Botox Visit

Botox treatments are worth every penny for most women wanting to reduce the signs of aging over time. Botox injections help create younger looking skin through short treatment sessions, with relatively painless administration and no down time. However, Botox only lasts between three and four months after injection, making it necessary to adhere to a schedule of follow up treatments.

If you’re wondering how to plan for your next Botox session, here are a few discrete but helpful hints to budgeting and saving.

Get Cash Back

If you are saving for your next Botox session and want or need to be discrete about it, build your funds by taking cash back. Do you stop by the pharmacy once a week or do you take care of the household grocery run? If so, opt for $10 or $20 cash back each visit and set those funds aside for your next Botox session.

Pay Yourself First

We all have monthly financial obligations – rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, car payments or day care – and most don’t bat an eye when paying these bills religiously each month. To help you reach your goal of funding your next Botox treatment, establish yourself as one of those required bills. Pay yourself the same amount as your cell phone bill, or your cable bill each month as an obligation to yourself, and pay it before you send out checks to everyone else. The longer you stick to this regimen, the easier it becomes to pay yourself first.

Saving for Botox.Brown Bag It

 One of the greatest detriments to monthly budgeting is dining out. If you opt to grab lunch with co-workers or friends a few times a week, or run to the coffee shop every morning before work, think about how much you are spending on these outings for the month – it can add up to hundreds of extra dollars that could be used for something more meaningful. To help fund your next Botox clinic visit, make it a priority to take your lunch or bring coffee from home each day, and keep your dining out dollars to a minimum.

Credit Card Rewards

Another great way to set aside savings in a discrete way is to utilize your credit card rewards programs. If you have the option to receive cashback on credit card purchases instead of gift cards or travel rewards, make that your selection and have it transferred to your savings each time you are able. Cashback rewards are a great way to set aside funds without drawing from another bank account, and can add up quickly when used correctly.

Set Up a Botox Account

For each of the cash saving tips listed above, it might be smart to set up a dedicated account, or safe storage place, that will hold the funds for your next Reno Botox visit. An online savings account offered through a non-traditional bank is an excellent place to establish a new account, and you can opt for e-mail notifications in lieu of paper statements or transaction confirmations. Online savings accounts not only let you hide your funds away in a discrete manner, they often provide a higher interest rate than conventional savings accounts, with low minimums and little to no transaction fees.

If you’re ready for your next session of Botox in Reno, contact our friendly staff at Esteem Medical Spa to schedule your appointment today.