Bring Your Smile Back With Lip Treatments at Esteem

July 19th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Glass

Volumize Your Smile with Esteem’s Lip Treatments


First impressions are everything. One of the most important features that defines you is your smile. As time passes, the youthful look that comes with a smile can start to fade. Age can affect the lips and surrounding area, leaving you feeling too shy to share your smile.

The team at Esteem can help rebuild your confidence and boost your mood by rejuvenating your smile through their innovative lip treatments.

Lip Enhancement

If you’re feeling like your smile has gotten away from you, it may be time to revamp your lips. With age, the lips may start to droop and look thinner in appearance. On the other hand, some are simply born with thinner lips they would like to enhance. Either way, lip injections could be the answer to a fuller, more youthful pout.

Anyone who wants to add volume to their lips for a voluptuous and attractive look is a candidate for lip injections. Esteem Medical Spa uses Juvederm lip injections to provide smooth and plump results. Juvederm uses a naturally occurring sugar called hyaluronic acid to add volume and attract water.

This, in turn, decreases lip lines and plumps the lips for a more youthful appearance.

Juvederm can help replace muscle and fat lost in lips due to age or volumize naturally thin lips. You will enjoy the new plump and youthful look for six months to a year after your treatment. beautiful red lips isolated on white

If you are interested in enhancing the look of your lips and regenerating your smile, meet with Dr. Glass and the Esteem team for a consultation to personalize your treatment plan.

After your treatment, you will notice that your lips look immediately more voluminous. Remember to avoid using lip balm to avoid drying your lips out. You should expect a bit of tenderness and bruising on and near your lips. But, it’s nothing to worry about! You can cover the bruising up with makeup and continue your routine as usual.

Vertical Lip Lines

Another way to enhance the look of your lips is by targeting the vertical lines, often called ‘smoker’s lines’ or ‘lipstick lines’ that are caused by the natural breakdown of collagen around your mouth.

These lines start to form on their own with age, but can worsen as a result of smoking, sun damage, or genetics.

Luckily, Esteem Medical Spa offers a treatment to reduce the appearance of these lines and help restore your bright smile.

a woman receiving carbon Dioxide Laser ResurfacingThe Vertical Line Treatment uses Restylane Silk, an FDA-approved filler, to reduce the visibility of deep lines around the mouth. This treatment provides a safe way to replenish the lost hyaluronic acid above the lip to help reverse the effects of age-related collagen loss. The injections take just ten minutes and provide results lasting six months or more.

Vertical lip lines can also be treated using Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing. This treatment uses high energy light to penetrate the target area deeply and remove damaged portions of the skin. Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing produces long-term improvements with immediately visible results.

To revitalize your smile and add volume to your lips, call Esteem today at 775.204.3508 for your complimentary consultation!