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Why Get Your Botox at Esteem?

Are you tired of frown lines and crows feet? Our patients come in fed up with their wrinkles and eager to perfect their appearance. We want to help you slow the aging process and release your inner beauty.

Dr. Glass does all the Botox injections at Esteem. He has more than 30 years of experience injecting. With arduous medical training at top schools, and a physician’s knowledge of anatomy, he is the expert.

Is preventative botox for you?

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*Astonishing Results

  • Fight the signs of aging
  • Subtle and natural facial contouring
  • Rested and smooth appearance
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Usually applied around and between the eyes, and forehead
  • *Results may vary from patient to patient

Botox Injections

With the expertise of Dr. Glass your Botox injections will have you looking youthful and reinvigorated. The experienced hands of Dr. Glass create beautiful results.*

Many patients worry about a frozen or unnatural look. This belief stems from the popularized results of inexperienced physicians and non-physician injectors participating in cosmetic practices.

This is not just a treatment for women. Botox for men or Brotox is available for any man spa enthusiast. Feel comfortable knowing you are welcome at Esteem.

Botox Treatment

The Botox treatment only takes about 15 minutes with some patients seeing results within a few days. For most, the final results can take up to two weeks to show.

A treatment will generally last for around 3-4 months. Side effects from Botox are rare and if there are side effects, they are usually minor.*

Botox Cosmetic

The applications for Botox are varied with some applications for medical purposes. The procedures we perform at Esteem Medical Spa are for cosmetic purposes, excessive underarm sweating, and the treatment of migraine headache. We reduce wrinkles, perfect your image, and boost your aesthetic confidence.

By visiting Esteem Medical Spa for your treatments, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality care, directly from Dr. Glass.

If you’d like to request a complementary consultation with Dr. Glass to learn how Botox can help you achieve a wrinkle-free and youthful face give us a call at 775.204.3508

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Here’s what our friends are saying about Esteem

"I love this place and highly recommend it to anyone I can. I had Botox at another establishment, but they were not near as good as Dr. Glass and Esteem."

Sally B.