The Best Ways to Avoid Hibernating this Winter

December 17th, 2016 by Dr. Michael Glass

Stay Out of Hibernation Mode this Winter


Let’s face it – no one wants to trudge through a foot of snow to hit the gym. Despite our best intentions, staying active during the winter is hard to do, especially when the roads are icy and the snow is coming down. Here are a few awesome winter activities you can indulge in this season to avoid staying in and hibernating.

Get Creative, Inside

The general rule of thumb is that at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is necessary to stay healthy.

When snowstorms and ice are too much to bear, it’s time to rack up those minutes indoors.

young woman working out in her living room. Use your house cleaning routine as a form of exercise, or run around the house with your kids. Also, consider investing in at-home weights or exercise equipment to keep you motivated. Enlist your kids or significant other to be your accountability partner and help you stay on track, even when it’s awful outside.

See if you can squeeze in those 150 minutes on the job, too. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take that 15 minute break to walk around the office.

When the weather has you stuck inside all day, these tips will add up to easy calories burned, especially if you do them consistently.

Brave the Cold

If you’re brave enough to face the cold, you’ll have plenty of outdoor activities at your fingertips.

Nevada has some of the best sites for skiing, snowboarding, and even snowshoeing, all great ways to enjoy the outdoors while burning excess calories. Ice skating and sledding are also great ways to get outside and stay active. Even simple chores like chopping firewood and shoveling your driveway can burn a plenty of calories.

female skiing, standing on the top of mountain with beautiful view

Before you Head Outside…

Staying fit in the winter has its benefits, especially if you do so in the cold weather. Recent research suggests that runners achieve faster times in the winter than they would in warmer months.

Similarly, your metabolic rate naturally increases in colder weather without having to expend additional energy. If you plan to exercise outdoors, however, you’ll need to take some precautions.

It’s important to warm yourself up before you head outside. Spending a few minutes jogging in place or doing light aerobic exercises will increase your body temperature enough to make your outdoor workout easier and safer for your body. Also, you should start with several layers and take them off as your temperature begins to rise. When you’re finished, try to cool down slowly. Ease out of the activity over five or ten minutes, and take time to stretch before hitting the shower.

Winter doesn’t have to freeze your workout routine if you know how to take advantage of  the cold weather.

Turn regular activities into opportunities for exercise, or bundle up and enjoy all the winter sports Nevada has to offer. As long as you’re staying active, you’ll shed those calories and start the new year off right.