5 Tips to Keep You Looking Your Youngest

April 27th, 2016 by Dr. Michael Glass

Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy and Youthful!


Let’s be honest – we all want to look youthful for as long as we can. While you can’t outright avoid those unwanted signs of aging, you can certainly fend them off by creating a dedicated skin care regimen that will help boost elasticity, collagen, hydration, and keep your skin silky smooth.


1. Wear Sunscreen Daily

The effects of the sun can cause your skin to wrinkle prematurely as well as damage skin cells. According to this 2013 study, sun exposure is the cause of roughly 80% of visible facial aging signs. A great way to prevent this from occurring is to invest in a hydrating moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. This will give you the best of both worlds: supple, moisturized skin and protection from harmful UV rays.sunscreen on the back of a woman

Now, before you say “I don’t NEED sunscreen! I’m inside all day!” consider the facts. Even occasional exposure can cause facial discoloration, sun spots, and may increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Contrary to popular belief, wearing sunscreen every day is not just to protect you from getting burnt! It can protect your skin from developing unwanted blemishes and will keep you safe from those damaging rays. It’s a win-win situation! Better safe than sorry, right?


2. Dermal Fillers and Injections

The tools available to physicians and certified medical spa technicians is steadily growing, allowing for a more natural look when receiving dermal fillers and injections. There are a number of different filler treatments available for a wide variety of skin types.

You’ve probably heard of Botox before, one of the most common cosmetic treatments available. Botox works to relax muscles rather than plump the skin with filler. Different types of fillers and injections are available and can be administered in various areas of the body at different volumes to help enhance your overall appearance. Consider these treatment options if you are developing facial wrinkles, sagging skin, or thin lips.


3. Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

woman receiving chemical peelThese treatment options could be considered facials on a medical level. If you have rough, dry skin, scars, or sun spots that you wish to get rid of, a chemical peel can help restore your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Chemical peels are pretty self-explanatory. A solution is applied to the desired area (face, neck, body or hands), which encourages the upper layers of dry or damaged skin to peel away, revealing youthful, blemish-free skin underneath


4. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

This tip may seem trivial, but it might just be the most important one on the list! Nothing beats keeping your body well maintained. Trust me, it will reflect on your overall appearance. Keeping up with your recommended daily nutrients and taking it easy on sweets, alcohol, and other harmful substances can help your skin and body look and feel younger!fit woman drinking water

Drinking lots of fluids (water – not soda!), getting plenty of rest, exercising often, and eating a well-balanced diet can do for you what fillers, facials, and moisturizers can’t. That is, keep you well from the inside. If your body is happy and healthy, your appearance will reflect that. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, managing stress levels, and staying away from cigarettes and other damaging substances can help deter the signs of aging naturally.


5. Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing

A great option for refreshing the surface of your skin is carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. This state-of-the-art laser resurfacing technology allows your skin care professional to achieve a new level of repair and control in battling the signs of aging. Essentially, laser skin resurfacing works by vaporizing skin cells damaged at the skin surface and promoting collagen production deeper in the skin. This is a great treatment option for men and women alike.

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