5 Surprising Benefits of Smiling

May 10th, 2019 by Dr. Michael Glass

As the Old Saying Goes, You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile


At Esteem Medical Spa, we see patients all day long who want to improve their appearance in some way. Cosmetic enhancements can do so much to assist with this goal, but we also encourage our patients to love who they are—inside and out!

That’s why we’ve got a fast, free way to instantly improve your looks, health, and emotional well-being. Yep, you guessed it—it’s a smile! Read on to learn the surprising ways smiling makes you look and feel better.

1. Smiling Makes You Happier

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, smiling can help you feel more positive. Ironically enough, you don’t even need to crack a “real” smile for this technique to work. Research shows that even a forced smile is enough for your mood to start improving.

And amazingly enough, one smile has been shown to stimulate the brain as much as 2,000 candy bars or $25,000.

Now, that’s something worth smiling about!

2. Want to Appear More Approachable? Smile!

Over the course of our lives, we’re constantly thrust into situations that require us to meet new people, personally and professionally. For some of us, that thought is especially taxing. However, smiling makes the work of meeting and interacting with others easier! Research has found that you’ll appear more approachable by smiling at others—making those encounters less anxiety-ridden and more enjoyable overall.

3. Saying “Cheese” Boosts Your Immune System

Research shows that laughter—which starts with a smile—signals the molecules in your brain that fight stress and illness. So, if you want to protect yourself from the latest cold that’s going around, catch a funny movie or spend time with your wittiest friend…Apparently, laughter really is the best medicine!

4. Smiling Is Associated with a Longer Life Span

When researcher examined baseball cards of Major League players from 1952, they found that the wider the players’ smiles, the longer their lives! Specifically, those who didn’t smile lived until about age 72.9, while those who smiled in their photos lived seven more years, on average, reaching the age of 79.9!

5. Amp Up Your Attractiveness with a Smile

Everyone wants to be seen as physically attractive. Fortunately, smiling is available to all of us! Research shows that when people are smiling, they’re seen as more attractive than when their face holds a neutral expression. Additionally, those who smile are believed to be more sincere, sociable, and competent. Laughing woman mouth with great teeth over blue background.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing reasons to smile. Not only will smiling make you feel better, but it can help you look better too!

If you’d like to talk to us about cosmetic treatments that go beyond a smile, don’t be shy.

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