5 Great Reasons to Love Laser Hair Removal

March 15th, 2019 by Dr. Michael Glass

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You can’t make everyone happy … but you can come close with laser hair removal! While many cosmetic procedures have high satisfaction rates, laser hair removal patients tend to be overwhelmingly happy they’ve gone through with the procedure. In fact, a whopping 95% of them say laser hair removal is “worth it.”

So, why is laser hair removal so popular? What makes patients give it such high reviews? Read on to learn 5 of the top reasons people love laser hair removal

1. Laser Hair Removal Is a Huge Time Saver

Did you know that on average, women spend 72 days shaving over the course of their lifetime? That’s 1,728 hours. Imagine if you had all those hours available to use for other activities!

With laser hair removal, most people get the results they desire in just 6 sessions. So, for just a few hours of your time,

you can eliminate the hundreds of hours you would have spent shaving.

2. Laser Hair Removal Can Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Nobody enjoys ingrown hairs. Yet unfortunately, for most people they’re a regular shaving and waxing occurrence. With lasers, we can destroy ingrown hairs at the follicles, preventing the unsightly red bumps caused by ingrown hairs.

3. Laser Hair Removal Offers Long-Term Results

Facial Laser Hair RemovalWhen you shave or wax, hair returns in weeks, if not days. Not so with laser hair removal. Although nobody can guarantee permanent hair removal, most patients experience as much as 80-90% hair reduction.

If hair does grow back, it’s often lighter and less noticeable than before—and you can always continue with treatment to further improve your results.

4. Laser Hair Removal Is More Comfortable than Waxing

Let’s face it—applying hot wax to the bikini line before ripping out hair is not only painful, but it seems almost barbaric! By contrast, laser hair removal is a much more gentle process.

During the procedure, it may feel like a rubber band is being flicked against your skin. However, the experience is much more comfortable than a waxing session.

5. Laser Hair Removal Can Treat Lots of Different Areas

With laser hair removal, we can treat men and women wherever they’re experiencing unwanted hair growth. Women typically opt to treat their underarms, arms, legs, upper lip, or bikini area. Men will often ask us to remove unwanted hair from their shoulders, back, chest, torso, or face.

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How Can I Schedule a Complimentary Laser Hair Removal Consultation at Esteem Medical Spa?

To schedule your laser hair removal consultation at Esteem Medical Spa, call us at 775.204.3508.  We’re located in Reno at 6522 S. McCarran Boulevard and offer Saturday appointments for your convenience.